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If you are intending to send in an article for the September 2020 edition of TRS8BIT, please would you get it (them) to me (at the above email address) by the end of August. Thanks.

The June 2020 edition of TRS8BIT is still available from the downloads page. With over 100 pages,  I hope it helped with the ‘lock-down’.

Peter Cetinski and the Trashtalker, Ian Mavric, Eric Dittman & Aaron Brockbank, have released episode 36. In this episode they discuss a bunch of new add-on accessories for the TRS-80, including new versions of the classic CHROMAtrs and XLR8er boards as well as the new Talker/80 voice synthesizer. Also there’s talk about some big Tandy XENIX news as well as the new z80unit assembly language testing framework. There’s a review of the popular TRS-80 hardware hacking book “Hardware Interfacing with the TRS-80″. Finally, Pete interviews former Tandy software engineer John Elliott IV

The latest release of George and Peter Phillips’s TRS-80 emulator, trs80gp (version 2.3.1) is shortly to BE RELEASED. It now has emulation added for the M16 and 6000 (and still, of course, the M1 Aculab Floppy tape). This is the ONLY emulator in the world to offer all these facilities. Full details are available from their website or ‘page 3’ of the latest edition of TRS8BIT.

The 2020 edition, (Version 3), of the collection of one line BASIC programs for the M1 is available from the downloads page. There is an A4 style booklet, as a .PDF file, together with a /DSK file of the BASIC programs, included in the .zip file.

As always, indexes for NATGUG News, TRSTIMES, 80-US and 80-Microcomputing, together with back issues of TRS8BIT, the NEWDOS86/90 manual, Mav's Building the Super Micro and the Aculab Floppy Tape User Guide, are available from the downloads page.

Index down-loads are '.zip' files. The index(es) contain 3 copies. They are now in .accdb, .xlsx and .csv format. All other publications, including TRS8BIT, are in .pdf format.

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