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either a FreHD, or a HRG board, or if the winner has a Coco, they can choose an RE-FD502 coco floppy controller.

Mav has very generously offered the above prize for this original competition.

The idea is to take any high res image and render it in the LOWEST possible resolution using BASIC, but allowing it to still be recognisable. The Hi-Res picture can be from a Model III or 4 with HRG, Tandy MS-DOS systems including the Tandy 2000, VGA , Coco PMODE3 or 4, or just straight off the net

The Low-Res picture can be from a Model I/II/III/4/12/16/6000, or Coco, Dragon, MC-10, text/graphics mode

Extra points for artistic or avant-garde efforts (think outside the circle).  Anyone who can use the PRINT@ or SET(X,Y) command should be able to do this. Hopefully this will encourage all programmers, not just seasoned professionals.

In the examples below, the picture was found online. I created a Hi-res image on my M4 and then used BASIC to draw the Lo-res image on my Co-Co.

All entries to be sent to Dusty at his usual email address.

Judging:- Dee to decide which are the best pair of contrasting images.

Competition closes 21:00 hrs GMT 02 September 2018