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This year we have a VERY special competition event for you. We’ve TWO competitions and TWO prizes!

During the Trash Talk Live it was mentioned that the Coco world has 4 or 5 new game releases per year so just to get the Z80 programmers motivated, Mav's decided to purposely make a game writing competition as broad as possible.

We're looking for any type of game or entertaining simulation which will run on any TRS-80 or Tandy model, in any language, BASIC, COBOL, Assembly etc. (or a hybrid of them!). Any accessory like the Voice Synth or Coco Speech/Sound Pak can be used or featured.

You just need to supply proof that the program (or programs!) works, (a YouTube video will suffice) together with a program listing.

Entries will be judged by the 'TrashTalkers' and the prize, on offer, is the winner's choice of a FreHD, or HRG, or Coco FDC, or M1 RS232 or Orch-90

The only request we make is that commercial releases need to hold off selling them until after December 2020.

And now for the 'DOUBLE-DO' part.

We also thought an additional prize should be awarded for the TRS-80 product of the year. A hardware or software product released in 2020 which seems to be the most innovating or of use to the most people.

Once again, entries will be judged by the 'TrashTalkers' and the prize on offer, is a set of Royal Mail First-Day issue stamps featuring 1980's gaming!

Entries should be sent to Mav at ianm@trs-80.com

Closing date for entries is 30th November 2020, 21:00 hrs GMT