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Peter Cetinski has released episode 24 of Trashtalk. Former Radio Shack employee,  David Greelish joins Pete and Mav. Lots of new news and reviews plus an update of the 2018 TA.

The June 2018 edition of TRS8BIT is now available from the downloads page.

Once again, all you contributors have excelled yourselves. Alan Wallace explores the finer points of the BASIC RND(x) function. He also has an update to his ‘DOND’ program and he has added to the /DSK file, (available from the downloads page), an additional program WTB/BAS. Sadly, there are a couple of obituaries with the recent deaths of Rick Dickinson and Frank Durda.

Ian Mavric discusses the Tandy LP VII in detail. (One of my all time favourites from the day). He also shows us his hardware developments for 2018 and in conjunction with David Hainsworth, they sort out the M1 screen wiggle. George Phillips has sent in a fabulous one-line which produces a Sierpinski Sieve. I seem to recall, it was referred to as a ‘gasket’ years ago. I bet it would look brilliant with Hi-Res :). Bas Gialopsos updates us with the astounding progress he made on my M2. There’s a quick look at the Ebay bargains which Dee has specifically forbidden me to look at too closely and finally, there’s a quick look at some competition entries.

The Tandy Assembly is to be held on the 10th & 11th November 2018, in Springfield, Ohio. USA

Knut Roll-Lund has released V2.0 of PLAYCAS. It’s available from his website.

Cat Mantra’, in the UK, has released a new game called Actual Reality. Full details are on Facebook and Ebay.

Peter Cetinski had released his new game called Breakdown. Full details on his website.

Don’t forget the 2018 competition - fantastic prize, waiting to be won!

The collection of one line BASIC programs for the M1 is still available from the downloads page. There is an A4 style booklet, as a .PDF file, together with a /DSK file of the included programs.

As always, indexes for NATGUG News, TRSTIMES, 80-US and 80-Microcomputing, together with back issues of TRS8BIT, the NEWDOS86/90 manual, Mav's Building the Super Micro and the Aculab Floppy Tape User Guide, are available from the downloads page.

Index down-loads are '.zip' files. The index(es) contain 3 copies. They are in .accdb, .xlsx and .csv format.

All other publications, including TRS8BIT, are in .pdf format.

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