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Just to remind everyone, if you are intending to send in an article for the March 2018 edition of TRS8BIT, please would you send it to me by the end of February.

Peter Cetinski has released episode 21 of TrashTalk. The ‘Trashtalkers’ discuss a bunch of TRS-80 related topics, from Pete Cetinski's new TRS-80 Game "Breakdown" to a Radio Shack store reproduction on TV's "Little Sheldon" to a discussion of how TRS-80s were used in scientific research.  We wrap up with some eBay shopping of interesting TRS-80 related accessories and collectables.

For your special New Year delight, I’ve compiled a collection of one liner BASIC programs for the M1. There is an A4 style booklet, as a .PDF file, together with a /DSK file of the included programs. Just help yourselves from the downloads page.

The December 2017 edition of TRS8BIT is still available from the downloads page, with well over 60 pages of news, reviews and general chit-chat for you to enjoy.

Many thanks to Gazza and Errol for their efforts in sourcing a M2 keyboard for me. I’ll keep you up to date with the progress.

As always, indexes for NATGUG News, TRSTIMES, 80-US and 80-Microcomputing, together with back issues of TRS8BIT, the NEWDOS86/90 manual, Mav's Building the Super Micro and the Aculab Floppy Tape User Guide, are available from the downloads page. Index down-loads are 'ZIP' files. The index(es) contain 2 copies. All are in Microsoft Works database format.

There are 2 files, the first as a *.wdb and the second as comma separated value file. All other publications, including TRS8BIT, are in .pdf format.

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